About us

Company name MEDIA TECH INC.
Address EDGE-Honmachi Building 10th 2-3-12 Minamihonmachi, Chuou-ku,Osaka, 541-0054, Japan
Establishment November 20 1992
President Ryuzo Matsuyama
50 million yen
URL https://www.mediatech.jp/
Main business - Integration service related with information systems
- Maintenance of computer system (Outsourcing business)
- Design, development, sales, lease, rental of computer soft ware
- Information network service and sales of related communication equipments
- ISP (Internet Service Provider), ASP (Application Service Provider)
- Internet buisiness solutions
- Consulting service
- Contact centre (Call centre) management and operation
- Document digital service
Bank reference MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Corporate slogan "Best Solution, Best Timing & Best Approach For Your System From MEDIA TECH"
Core competences

Technological expertise demonstrated in our services to Daiwa House Industry Co,. Ltd, one of the leading Prefabricated Home Builder of production systems in Japan.
- System development know-how covering total process of manufacturing industry (design, production, logistics, sales, and administration)

Multi-vendor integration
- Best of breed solutions provided through latest knowledge about technologies, taking advantage of statusindependent of vendors

Integrated IT services
- Total optimum solutions available from consulting,procurement, and operation management

Major Customer -Daiwa House Industry Co,. Ltd. and Groups
-NEC Corporation and Groups
-NTT Communications Corporation
-Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
-Canon Sales Inc. & Groups
-Sharp Corporation
Share Holders Daiwa House Industry Co,. Ltd. (100%)

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